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Cheerleading Injuries and What You Can Do

While there are some who think that cheerleading is not a “real sport,” anyone who has actually cheered will tell you otherwise. Cheerleading is a highly demanding team sport that requires training, conditioning, physical coordination, and constant dedication. Just like any other sport, the training can be grueling and demanding. Unfortunately, injuries happen in cheerleading just like any other sport.

When accidents happen, you should seek medical advice immediately. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to seek financial compensation against the negligent party. Attorny John Rapillo, an Orange County personal injury lawyer with over 35 years experience, advises accident victims to seek legal counsel. Most team sports require a waiver, which limits liability against other team members. But you may be able to pursue a claim against a negligent manufacturer if faulty equipment resulted in your accident.

Make sure you hold the responsible party liable. What may seem like minor injures could result in long-term consequences affecting your ability to work and engage in other sports. Whether you were injured during a somersault, flip, or because of faulty equipment, make sure you protect your rights. Find out more in our latest article.