The Best Things about Being a Cheerleader

//The Best Things about Being a Cheerleader
The Best Things about Being a Cheerleader 2018-02-06T12:37:42-05:00

Cheerleading isn’t just for teenage girls. It’s a sport for boys and girls of all ages, offering far more than the chance to do a few flips and throws. There’s the chance to expand your social circle, learn new techniques and disciplines, and so much more. There is a real sense of friendship and comradery when a whole squad is wearing their custom team sports uniforms, often, within the squad is where you will find your lifelong friends. Here are the best things about being a cheerleader. If we missed any, contact Cheerhome with your ideas so we can update this article.

You’ll Get a Second Family

Hollywood will have you believe that cheerleading is cliquey, but really you’re surrounding yourself with likeminded people. Your fellow cheerleaders become part of a team; a friendship group that lasts for years. You’ll always have something to discuss and do, and it’s not all about new cheers and supporting the school’s football team. The friends, the other sports team members and the coaches become a second family for support when you most need it.

You Become a Role Model

Want to encourage other people? Cheerleading allows you to do that and more. This isn’t just about encouraging the boys as they play their sports, but about encouraging younger children. There will be girls and boys who want to do the same thing as you. They want to cheer and form these friendship groups. Everything you do will be watched and mimicked and that can be something you take extreme pride in.

You’ll Develop a Strong Work Ethic

There’s this belief that cheerleading involves shaking pom-poms and yelling from the sidelines. Sure, there are aspects that involve these, but cheering is more. It helps you develop a strong work ethic and discipline that many other teenagers don’t gain. You’ll need to be willing to get up early on a morning and stay after school late to practice with the squad. There’s other training and compromises to make. This work ethic will set you up for college and beyond.

You’ll Gain Confidence

Cheerleading tryouts can be nerve-wracking. Then there are the performances in front of the whole school and even the local town. When your team competes in competitions, there’ll be other schools, parents and judges. If you don’t have much confidence yet, you’ll gain a lot during your cheerleading sessions. Your squad is there to support you, give you tips, and get you ready to handle anything life throws at you. When you know you can do a flip 15ft in the air, you know you can tackle anything.

There Are Health Benefits

Finally, it’s important to remember all the health benefits of being a cheerleader. It’s a sport, which means plenty of activity and exercise. Doctors recommend 60 minutes of exercise a day for a teenager and you’ll get way more than that. Your muscles will become stronger, your heart and lungs are supported, and your weight remains in a healthy bracket. Plus you’ll have the support for your mental health, which leads to far more physical health and social benefits.

If you’re still deciding whether cheerleading is right for you, look at all the benefits. The five best things will support your mental, physical, emotional, and social health. Need we say more?

Many cheerleading teams need your support so that they can continue to run. It costs lots of money to try and run a team, but you can help by getting involved, benefitting both yourself and the team! You could also look for some team fundraising ideas to try and raise some funds for a team of your choice!