Is Cheerleading For Me?

//Is Cheerleading For Me?
Is Cheerleading For Me? 2017-10-23T21:01:38-04:00

Cheerleading is a highly competitive sport. It also offers the chance to connect with others and build a lasting bond with teammates. However, being a cheerleader isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain personality, as well as having some basic skills. Here’s a look at whether cheer is really for you.

You Need to Work as a Team

Do you prefer to spend your time alone or work with other people? If you prefer being a lone player, cheerleading may not be the sport for you. This is wholeheartedly a team sport. You need to trust one another and be there for support and encouragement.

Whether you’re part of your high school cheerleading squad or you’re competing at nationals, you’ll work as a group. Everyone needs to be in sync. If one person falls or is sloppy, it affects everyone else. There needs to be a solid team spirit within the cheerleading squad. When competing away at big national competitions, most cheerleading teams will ensure they have customized clothing to keep the team spirit going throughout the event. This draws awareness for their team. As the coach of the team, they should really consider visiting a website similar to Imprint ( This should keep everyone together at these big competitions, ensuring they all remain a team.

Make Sure You’re Focused and Determined

Being a cheerleader is hard work. It’s more than just waving pom-poms and saying a few rhymes. There are flips, splits, and routines to learn and develop. Cheerleaders put in hours of work to be perfect. Some of this time is alone to develop the right skills, but the rest is with one another. You need to bond with your teammates and practice routines together.

Focus and determination are important requirements. If you have neither, you won’t have the ability to put in the work required. A mistake is more than just getting a routine wrong. It could mean the injury of one of your teammates. Those with focus and the willingness to put in the hard work are going to be poised and ready.

You’ll Need the Right Attitude

You’re going to have bad days, but you need them to be few and far between. The personality of cheerleading is hinted in the name. You need spirit; an outgoing attitude that will get people motivated. It’s all about cheering people on, whether it’s the judges at a competition or the football team at your local high school.

Spirit and the right attitude isn’t something you can fake. Well, you can’t fake for the long term. People see through your eyes.

Don’t Show Your Fear

You’re putting yourself in some dangerous situations. Whether you’re at the bottom of the pyramid or being flung into the air, there are risks to your body. It’s scary, but you need to put your fear behind you. Showing fear means losing the spirit and right attitude for your job.

While there will be some nerves, losing the fear shows that you put your trust in your teammates. They will then do the same for you. Then when you finish a routine, you need to make it look like there were never any worries that the routine would go wrong. Fear doesn’t just affect your attitude to those

watching, but you can actually end up messing up a routine. You don’t put all your effort in, as you second guess yourself or your teammates, causing someone to fail.

Make Sure You Can Handle Pressure

Finally, it’s all about the pressure. A cheerleader has a lot of pressure placed on them. You’ll have school work, cheerleading practice, social engagements, and other activities inside and outside of school. This is more than just wearing a uniform and being part of a team. It’s about being able to handle everything and anything life throws at you, without getting overly stressed.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have someone to talk to. In fact, having someone to talk to can help you manage your schedule and continue putting the effort into all parts of your life.

Do you have all the skills above? If so, then cheerleading is definitely for you.