The Power of the Cheerleader

//The Power of the Cheerleader
The Power of the Cheerleader 2016-11-13T12:22:35-05:00

Can a cheerleader make a difference? Of course! In a school team a cheerleader’s job is to cheer the game players on. To motivate them and keep up the school’s spirit. A cheerleader shows complete faith in the players, they are their number one fan! Having all eyes on you during performances can make a cheerleader feel on top of the world! It helps entertain the crowd. Cheerleading also gets the crowd involved in cheering for their team, which makes the game more enjoyable for the fans. They help feel fans as part as the game.

The power of a cheerleader isn’t just in cheering for her team or competing in a cheerleading competition. It goes much deeper because being a cheerleader requires multiple skills. Cheerleaders need to be coordinated and combine gymnastics with dance, all while reciting their cheer. You have spotters that are depended on for not only safety but for performance. Cheerleading requires practice, leadership and teamwork which creates a powerful, confident cheerleader! Also the ability to perform or compete in front of a large crowd and judges. It teaches you about hard work.

Being a cheerleader has a lot of pressure but it’s equally powerful. As a cheerleader you will learn many things that will stay with you your whole life. Being part of team will help you in most jobs. It will hopefully empower you to stay active and healthy your whole life. Performing will help you in the future when having to speak or perform in front of people. It will also teach you creativity and to have fun.

A talented cheerleader can make a career out of their passion and make their dreams come true.

Cheerleading will not only give you the power to motivate people it will teach you many skills and knowledge is power.