The Winning Attitude

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cheerleaders-1562734_1280In cheer having a winning attitude isn’t just about cheering with a smile on your face and getting all the moves right during a game. Cheerleading takes a lot of practice and dedication. Being athletic isn’t the only thing required from a cheerleading, some of the other skills that are required are jumps, dance moves, and being able to chant. None of these skills are enough for a winning attitude. A winning attitude requires practicing with and without your team. It requires being able to be a leader but also the ability to be a team player.

Unfortunately, a winning attitude doesn’t always involve winning but the ability to remain positive after a loss. Staying positive while cheering for your team even if they are losing is a must. This helps the audience stay positive and your team feel supported. Helping the players “cheer up” after a loss can be done by remaining positive. They worked hard and gave it their all and to acknowledge that can make the difference. The school’s spirit is in your hands!

If you are in a competition it is important to stay positive even if you didn’t do as well as you would have liked. Your attitude affects the other team members. You worked hard to get there and that shouldn’t go unnoticed. To have a winning attitude you should learn from your mistakes and work hard to fix them. No one likes a sore loser.

In the days of social media and web bullying it is important to stay positive and have a strong support team. Not only is it important not to put others down but the ability to handle negative comments and to bring to the coaches’ attention. Standing up for others is important too. Cheerleading was much easier before the internet and social media. With social media it’s much easier for “mean girls” to bully and hide behind a computer screen. This adds a level of complexity that cheering didn’t have before. Remember to have a support team and speak up when something doesn’t feel right.

It is important to have sportsmanship whether you are competing or cheering for your team. Cheerleaders should support one another and not put each other down. When faced with a loss it is important to act with dignity. Remember that at the end of the day, what matter the most is that you had fun and gave it your all. A winning attitude doesn’t just require talent but a positive attitude that is contagious!