Do You Want to Cheer in College?

//Do You Want to Cheer in College?
Do You Want to Cheer in College? 2016-11-10T19:27:08-05:00

Do You Want to Cheer in College?

It’s very different than cheering in High School so there are some important things to consider.

Skills Necessary

First thing you should do is asses your skills, basically are you good enough for college cheer? Be honest with yourself. Keep in mind that tumbling is usually mandatory and your jump sequences have to be perfect. If the answer is “yes my skills are good enough”, the best advice I can give is to find a current cheerleader- this is easy to do through social media. Ask for their advice for try-outs. Ask them what it’s like to be a cheerleader for their school and how much work it takes? Find out what it’s like to juggle cheer with homework and classes. Is it something they recommend?


During try-outs it’s important to remain very friendly and professional. Pay attention and stay calm! Usually college try outs last a weekend and the ones that make the team will attend a cheer camp, some colleges do try outs via submitted videos. College coaches are usually very involved, much more than your typical high school!

It’s important to have the right attitude and prepare. Make sure you research and practice before try-outs. Find out what the requirements are and have the right wardrobe. Show up early to get comfortable with the location. Make sure you are in shape and can keep up.

If you make a mistake don’t let it bring you down. How you handle a mistake is something judges will pay a lot of attention to because everyone makes them but not everyone handles them the same. Keep going and keep a smile on your face. Remember that confidence can make or break you!


It’s important to consider that practice will be very different than high school since everyone has a different schedule. It is also usually more hours than what you are used to. Often times it’s very early so that everyone can attend without skipping class (which is actually looked down upon). Keep in mind that you would be cheering at pep rallies, football and basket games and depending on the school you might be competing.

Make sure you can handle the responsibility of cheer, your school workload and possibly a job. Coaches will often require a minimum grade point average to stay on the team, so slacking on grades to cheer won’t be an option. Your teammates will count on you and it’s important to be 100% committed because college cheer is taken very seriously. College is a time to have fun and enjoy yourself but with all the workload can also be stressful. Cheerleading should be something you consider fun and a passion since it will take a lot of time and juggling.

It will also be a great way to make friends that could last a lifetime. In fact, a lot of the time (during competitions), you will make friends with the cheerleaders from rival teams.

There are many things to consider when thinking about cheering in college. I hope this article helped, good luck!