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Cheerleading Cheers and Chants!

Need help with cheers or looking for new material?

See the tips below to help make your cheers perfect.


  • Make sure each word is loud and clearly spoken. Enunciate!
  • Do not ‘sing’ the words.
  • Open your mouth wide when you yell.
  • Keep your head and chin up.
  • Keep your back and shoulders straight.
  • Yell from your diaphragm (above the stomach) and abdominal muscles.
  • You should not use or feel any strain in your throat. When done properly, a full and deep sound will be produced.
  • Your voice should not squeak or crack. Inhale deeply and completely.
  • Do not ‘puff out’ your chest. When the lungs are fully inflated the stomach and abdominal area will expand. Use a megaphone to project your voice.
  • Megaphones should be held at an upward angle towards the crowd. Words must be sharp in order to avoid reverberation. Avoid moving the megaphone while cheering. This will produce a fade effect.
  • Complete each part of a cheer or chant before pointing the megaphone towards a different part of the crowd. Hold it by the handle and mouthpiece in order to avoid injury.
  • Wrap your hand around the mouthpiece, overlapping the edge. Place your mouth on or near your hand.


  • Use a mirror to practice.
  • Smile, smile, smile!
  • This is not only an important part of cheers but should be always be done during competitions, games and events.
  • Practice a few different expressions.
  • Use various expressions such as a big smile for cheers, tough look for when your team is behind and determined, pouting for a dance, etc.
  • Tilt your head to emphasize words, motions or expressions. Backward, forward or to the side. Try a backward forward motion to add a positive emphasis.